Hurricane Sandy brought down the oldest tree in our Back yard. Thank God, no one was hurt

Hurricane Sandy  plowed through New  England and touched down here in western MA with some serious destruction of property.  We lost power for at least couple of  hours  but thank God for our back up generator  which enabled us  to keep powering our home while the problem was solved.

However, the storm brought down the oldest tree in our back yard.  We had a 100ft Tulip tree  with diameter ranging from  4-5 ft. It fell and crushed our shed completely  with several bikes and farm tools in it. Miraculously, our entire family was in the house  when the tree came down. My papa and mama were having great concern for our family about our safety before the tree came down. The tree presented a looming disaster because it had a hollow trunk. We did not  know when it would come down. And if it did come down, where would our family be? We children like playing in our yard  under this tree. Just a week before the tree came down, our entire family was doing ministry documentation under the tree. The wind was blowing steadily at the time and my parents were so concerned for us. God indeed heard our prayers and kept us away on the day the tree came down crashing to the ground.  It did not fall in the direction of our house  or that of the swing set.

A couple of days afterward, we had family friends  from our church who came  down and helped removed the tree. It was  hard work. The trunk was big as you can see. but with complete deteremination and resolve, we worked together and reduced this giant to just pieces of logs of wood.  We decided to donate the entire pile of wood to our family friends to use it for heating their home.  Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

By Nechemyah Levi

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