The brick making machine

     For the past 20 years of Operation Nehemiah missions, we have been rebuilding the life of the South Sudanese families both physically and spiritually. One of the challenging need in the lives of the people there is having permanent housing which requires bricks and other roofing materials such as timbers. To day most south Sudanese build their home using mud wall, poles, reeds and grasses. This has some value because has been the way how people build for centuries. But it is not all that permanent even it is cozy and cool. However there has been a growing trends in people’s way of making permanent housing.    We have gone to South Sudan & Uganda where we have seen how they make bricks. They use a brick making mold in which you can make two bricks at a time. They put mud in each hole and put a board underneath the two holes filed with mud then they put the bricks in a clear place that is full of heat and sunlight, so the bricks can dry. After the bricks are dry they put them in a big stack and cover it up with mud , after the mud is dry they burn it. Then after the bricks are burned they take the bricks and build there house .

    When we got home from the South Sudan , Papa started to research companies that make machines that can make bricks in a way that takes less time and energy. Finally, Papa came across a company called Hydraform [based in South Africa ] that makes the machines that we need ! So Papa contacted Hydraform and asked if they would be interested in giving a brick making machine to us. To cut the long story short The Lord worked though a benefactor of ours and he gave us enough money to get the brick making machine and we will be ordering it soon!

By Nechemyah levi

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