As thanksgiving is just around the corner we need to take into consideration what it must have been like for the Pilgrims that first thanksgiving.
Most of the pilgrims had died the first winter and there were only a few left and their food supply had gone down. they had suffered attacks form savage Indians, and lived in a common house that they were trying to build and in the dark and dank ship, the Mayflower. But a new day had dawned in the spring of 1621. Thy praised God that he had brought them thro a terrible winter and had given them a new day. They planted the seed they had brought with them form England and learned from Indians who had befriended them how to grow Indian corn, how to make fish traps, and how to make hunting traps. Even though the Indians taught them a lot of things the Pilgrims knew many things about how to hunt, build, ext. In the year 1621 the pilgrims reaped a plentiful harvest and their governor William Bradford pronounced a week of Thanksgiving in which they would thank God for his wonderful gifts to them. They invited their Indian friends and enjoyed a week of giving thanks! We also need to remember the reason why the pilgrims came to America. The state of England as a whole was not good. England and the rest of Europe were totally against religious freedom and were burning at the stake anybody who would disobey the law by not going to the state church which was the Catholic Church. In that era to groups rose in the religious persecution. These were the Puritans and the Separatist. Now the Puritans were unhappy with the way the Catholic Church was doing things and they wanted to purify it because in their view the church was unholy. The Separatist on the other hand thought the Church was to unholy to purify so they separated from the church. They also believed that a church should have it’s own way of doing thing and freedom to worship God the way they chose. The Pilgrims were apart of the separatist group and at the time they were living in a town called Scrooby were several times they were captured and thrown in to prison for not going to the state church. Finally they decided to go to Holland the only county where they could worship God freely. the first time they tried to leave England the sea captain had a double-deal with the Pilgrims and they ended up in prison again! they could have said, “Enough is enough”, and stayed in England but they tried again and this time the men got to Holland and the women were separated from the men and were caught and sent to prison. Again they tried and in the Mercy of God the women landed in Holland. As the pilgrims stayed in Holland their children began to pick up the Dutch language and customs and began to be very worldly in their ways. Their parents saw these things as harmful to their faith and decided that it was necessary to go to the New World to start over. They were originally going to go to Virginia so thy set sail and went back to England to pick up friends back in England and hired to ships, the Mayflower and the Speedwell. A week in to their journey the Speedwell sprung a leak. It was not speedy and it was not well! they sailed back into England and some people stayed in England including the Pilgrim’s dear pastor John Robinson! The Mayflower was blown of her Course to Virginia and after nine weeks the Mayflower landed in Plymouth bay by the Mercy of God and the rest is history!
Abijah R.E. Levi

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