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  1. I have just finished your book. Thank you for sharing your story. It has challenged me to make changes in my life. I want my life to stand for Christ and to raise my children seeing their parents sharing Christ to a lost world.
    I also home school. I have 2 boys 7&5 and a little girl who is 2. My husband is a school teacher in northern Alberta Canada and in 2 years will be going to seminary. I am excited to see where God is leading us.
    I have noticed that some of your posts on your blog our password protected. I was wondering if I was able to receive the password as I like to read about families who home school. I also understand if this is not for my eyes. Thank you for sharing your lives with others.
    God Bless

    • Dear Rhoda,
      I’m very sorry for not replying you any sooner. I thought I had lost your contact since my computer developed a problem. But now I could reply you and hope you are still using this e-mail. Thank you a lot for your word of encouragement about my family and for finishing reading my book. You are right on. The whole purpose of becoming a Christian is to live for Christ to be ambassador His Kingodm her on earth. Romans 6 speaks about this matters. We are saved by Grace through faith unto Good work not dead work. Today Many people who claimed to be Christians still lives like the rest of the world without transfromation and renewal of our minds. Once we understand the the gravity of our Salvation in Christ and what kind of live we out to live in this crooked world, then it will be come all to more urgent to take our parental responsibility very seriously. We must train our children in the love and admonition of the Lord according to the Deut. 6: 4-9. This means we have to take our marriages seriouly, protect it and dedicate it unto the Lord. This mean we have to live as if we are not of this world even thought we in it. Public school, two parent working, Youth segregated church and all of evolutionary activitives which the world has brough into the church have to be trashed. This where Hannah and I stand when come to family, marraige, homeschooling, and oru mission in the South Sudan.
      You are welcome to check the rest of our blog by typing John316. We only give it to those who ask for it.

      God bless. Please check out our ministry website at http://www.operationsnehemiah.org
      In His grace

      William Levi

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